Can I still go to the walk-in consultation hour?

    Walk-in consultation hours have been definitively abolished. See also the explanation on the WELCOME page.

Can I choose which doctor I want to see during my consultation?

    Yes, in principle you can. However, the assistant may decide to place you with another doctor. For example, if your preferred doctor's office hours are already full, or if you have an urgent complaint. In the latter case, you will be placed with the immediately available doctor.

    NB Our assistants are well trained to assess if and when you can be seen.

I want to register. How does that work?

    You can report to assistant/practice manager Bettina every day, except Wednesday and Friday, with your insurance card and ID. Good to know that the practice is open again for new patients.

There is a patient stop, but I want to register my child?

    That is always possible, family of already registered patients, can be registered at any time.

What time can I call for an appointment ?

    You can call the assistant for an appointment between 8 am and 2 pm.

When are the doctors present ?

    • Dr de Feijter works Monday, Thursday, Friday.
    • Dr Schneider works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
    • Dr Hardjoprajitno works Thursdays and more if needed during vacation period.