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You can register for a new registration with the Practice Manager. She is available on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please bring your ID and your insurance information.

***LSP / FOLLOW YOUR CARE (NEW - 27-7-2023)***

The National Service Point is a healthcare infrastructure. This is a network that healthcare providers can connect to. Through this network they can exchange medical data about their patients with each other. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The National Service Point has been specially developed and secured for this purpose.

Sharing data is only allowed with your permission

If you give permission, your healthcare providers will register your citizen service number (BSN) with the National Exchange Point. Your BSN is stored in the so-called 'referral index' of the National Exchange Point. If you visit another healthcare provider, they can search the referral index with your BSN. This way he can see which healthcare providers have certain medical information about you available to share. The healthcare provider where you are being treated can then view the data he needs for your treatment.

You give permission by following the link LSP / YOUR CARE ONLINE and logging in on your personal environment with DIGID. This site provides a clear explanation of the procedure to be followed.

General practice Haarlemmerpoort

***FAX NO LONGER ABAILABLE (NEW - 18/4/2023)***

Tha Fax is no longer available as a communication device, due to security and technival reasons. This is valid for any practice starting 1 May 2023.

General practice Haarlemmerpoort


Dokter de Feyter:
24-4-2023 tot 28-4-2023
24-7-2023 tot 13-8-2023

Dokter Schneider:
1-5-2023 tot 4-5-2023
14-8-2023 tot 2-9 2023

4-5-2023 tot 11-5 2023
1-8-2023 tot 20-8-2023

Doctor de Feyter's standard working days are Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Dr. Schneider's standard working days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

General practice Haarlemmerpoort

A Foto Impression

Huisartsenpraktijk Haarlemmerpoort is a general practice located at van Limburg Stirumstraat 20A, in the Staatsliedenbuurt (Westerpark), just behind the Haarlemmerweg. It is a small-scale practice, consisting of two regular General Practitioners (GP) and an Acting General Practitioner.

We stand for personal and high-quality care and believe low-threshold contact with our patients is very important. You may contact us for questions about your health, advice on a particular topic or for a listening ear. As a doctor practice, we try to find the best solution for your problem or complaint together with you, the patient. We like to think together with you, whereby the patient retains control and responsibility for his or her own health. We practice regular medicine, so no alternative medicine.

One female and one male doctor are currently working in our practice. As a patient, you will automatically fall under the care of all doctors, but you may of course have a preference for one of them.

When you call us, you can indicate with which doctor you wish to make an appointment. However, it can of course occur, for example in an emergency situation, that you are assigned by the assistant at the consultation hour to the available doctor at that time.

We find a good relationship of trust with our patients very important and would like to know more about the patient's background so when you first visit our practice, we therefore start with an introductory meeting. The practice is also used for training purposes and we are affiliated with the VUmc. This means that a general practitioner in training is regularly present and will work under the supervision of one of the two general practitioners. We believe that this is important, because our young colleagues also have to learn the profession of GP, like we have done in the past.

For up-to-date information about our practice, please see the “news” section above.