Practice Info

Consultation hours / appointments

You can now make a consultation appointment directly online via the new secure environment of "Uw Zorg On-Line". When making an appointment, you must clearly indicate why you want an appointment. An appointment during the consultation hour (or via the eConsult module) is expressly intended for one complaint. Do you expect that you need more time or do you want to be able to ask several questions? Then make an appointment via the assistant.

The (e)Consult

It is now possible to request an eConsult or ask a question through the new secure environment of "Uw Zorg On-Line". The duration of a normal consultation at the practice is 10 minutes. Think carefully in advance about what you want to discuss with your doctor. What are your complaints? What have you already done about it yourself? What are you worried about?

Video Calls (complaint will be assessed remotely)

Nowadays you can make video calls with the practice. This option has been created for patients who cannot come to the practice. This is instead of the regular consultation with the general practitioner as well as with POH somatics or POH GGZ. With a request for video calling, the doctor sends a link to your mobile phone so that you can make video calls with the doctor. This is done via an extra secure connection. The system with which this is done is called WeSeeDo. If you want to know more about this, go to for more information.

Repeat prescriptions

The new secure environment also offers the possibility to request prescriptions or repeat prescriptions online. These are picked up by the team and will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Evening consultation hours

There are no evening consultation hours.

Absence of the doctor

If your regular doctor is not present due to his/her vacation or day off, you can contact his/her colleague or the acting GP for urgent questions or a consultation that cannot wait.


You will find our assistants behind the counter and on the phone. In addition, you can also visit the assistants in the morning for small treatmants such as getting your ears cleaned, removing stitches, Hb/glucose testing, blood drawing or wound bandaging. We prefer it when this happens by appointment.

Responsibilities Assistant

When making the appointment by telephone, the assistant will ask you for the reason of the visit, which is at the request of your GP. She/he has been trained for this purpose and does so in order to make the best possible assessment of the nature and urgency of your complaints. If you have more questions, want a longer conversation or come for a minor surgical procedure, the assistant will reserve more time for you.

The assistant will treat your information confidentially, just like the general practitioner. You can always contact us immediately for first aid (injuries, burns, etc.). If you call in advance or let us call you, we will take your arrival moment into account. As soon as the assistant knows what is the best treatment for you, she will make you an appointment.

There are various possibilities:

    • You will be provided with advice, which will also be discussed with the General Practitioner (GP)
    • The doctor will call you back
    • An appointment will follow for a consultation with the GP
    • An appointment will follow for a consultation with the assistant
    • An appointment will follow for a visit

You can contact the assistant for :

    • results of urine or blood tests
    • measuring blood pressure
    • touching warts
    • dressing wounds
    • squirt ears
    • remove sutures
    • pregnancy test
    • urine analysis
    • sugar control
    • smears
    • vaccinations
    • bandaging and taping
    • information leaflets