The use of cookies on our website

During a visit to our website, data from visitors is collected and stored. So-called cookies are used for this. Below you will find a brief explanation of exactly what information is collected via cookies and what is done with it, why we believe this is necessary and via which (external) websites this data is collected. Finally, we briefly explain what you can do if you prefer not to accept all cookies or not at all.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer's hard drive via your browser when you visit the websites.

How do cookies work

Broadly speaking, two types of cookies can be distinguished. Cookies that ensure faster and easier use of the website, the so-called functional cookies. Functional cookies are used, for example, to remember login details, a chosen (language) setting or placed orders. Functional cookies are the type of cookies that offer a lot of convenience, especially when using websites that you visit more often.

In addition to these functional cookies, we also have a second type of cookies. These cookies (anonymously) analyze your surfing behavior and are often used to analyze your visit to a website (number of pages visited, click patterns, browser use, etc.). These cookies bring benefits to you. This is because the cookies can be used to serve advertisements on the websites you visit